Is Nike Lunar Ballistec the perfect shoe?

Nike Lunar Ballistec has been my preferred shoe for a while.  It’s great for speed, durability and support while being high on comfort out of the box.

However, with shoe manufacturer’s constantly fine tuning their offerings, I’m giving a few others a try, including Asics Gel Resolution 6, Yonix Power Cushion Pro, and Adidas Barricade Boost.  According to Tennis Warehouse, all have similar features to the Lunar Ballistec.  We’ll see who the winner is.  Might just wind up being the LB once again.

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One Response to Is Nike Lunar Ballistec the perfect shoe?

  1. teachestennis says:

    After much trial and error I’m now a big fan of Asics Gel Resolution 6. This won out against the Nike LB. It’s a little heavier than the Nike LB and the ankle height is a little lower. But Asics, already renown for some of the best running shoes on the planet, has translated their expertise well to the tennis shoe. The Asics Gel Resolution 6 in my experience has superior stability and shock absorption, and the very durable sole holds up to a lot of wear and tear. As well, the slight extra weight (compared to the Nike LB) and lower ankle height has not been an issue.


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