Be true to yourself and your game

After you’ve been playing for a little while – and that doesn’t have to be a long time in months or years – you will discover you have a certain style and strengths to your tennis game.

Maybe you feel very natural with a forehand slice, or perhaps you’ve got a great service motion, or it could be you like to come to net and finish points quickly.

Now, you are going to play against all kinds of different styles and temperaments on the court.  And, as you work on improving your game, you’re probably going to find it tempting to want to adopt someone else’s strengths, especially if they happen to be your weaknesses.

Just ask Andy Murray, whose “personality problem” seemed to be getting in his way.  Until it didn’t!

The moral of the story is stick to your style and strengths no matter what, sooner or later they are going to pay off.

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