The wall is my best friend

In the midst of a lengthy discussion with one of the pros I know, he said, “Oh yeah, the wall is my best friend.”  Then he went on to explain that when he was in college his coach literally demanded that every player be able to hit hundreds of balls against the wall from both wings.  And, if they couldn’t they weren’t worthy of being on the team.

At the time, I was like you’ve gotta be kidding me!  The wall is the most boring and monotonous way to practice I can think of.  How can you possibly waste your time doing that??

Well, fast forward a few months or so, and guess what… the wall has become my best friend.  Now I get it. Granted, it’s no panacea and sometimes doesn’t immediately translate to live ball play.  But personally I find the wall very useful for experimenting with a new grip, or practicing hand-eye coordination, or even just for experiencing the feeling of rhythm.

If the wall isn’t your best friend yet, give it time, it just might surprise you when you least expect it 😉

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