Are you stretching enough?

You may not realize it but tennis uses nearly all of the body’s muscles.  Think about it for a minute.  It combines explosive speed, endurance, flexibility and power all in a single game.

It’s no wonder we often hear about the stretching routines of Novak, Serena, Roger and many other pros.  Not to mention those awe-inspiring splits and slides during a heated match, which require ridiculous flexibility.

That’s why I highly recommend adding a core stretching routine to your overall tennis training program.  Be sure to include both static stretching (typically after play) as well as dynamic stretching (typically just before play).  Depending on your specific circumstances you may also find it beneficial to stretch daily whether you are playing or not.

Finally, if budget and time allow, I also recommend working with a physical therapist on a regular or periodic basis.  There are simply some things you can’t do on your own, like complex stretches and deep tissue massage.

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