Stop doing, start being the tennis player you know you can be

Lately I’ve been reading a fascinating book about Nothing by Frank Kinslow, 2014.  Or, more precisely, When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing: How Learning to Let Go Will Get You Where You Want to Go.

It seems counter intuitive but doing nothing can actually result in making considerable progress, and often more rapidly, than you thought possible.

While this book is not strictly speaking a tennis book, there are some parallels to another well-known book on tennis called The Inner Game of Tennis.

Kinslow enlightens us on how to quickly, in a matter of minutes not hours or days, quiet the mind, increase our (pure) awareness and accomplish more than we could by actually trying.  Similarly, The Inner Game of Tennis teaches us to let it happen.

In my experience, putting both of these instructional pathways together into practice on a regular basis can help you not only significantly and effortlessly improve your game but also experience much more joy while doing it.

Let the real journey begin!

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