Keep on keepin on

Sometimes the name of the game is to just keep playing… no matter what.

Maybe you’re in a slump.  Maybe the mental demons are holding you back from breaking through to that next level.  Maybe you’ve tried to correct a bad habit on the court.  And tried again.  And tried again. And it’s still not improving!

Trust me, I’ve been there too.  Many, many times.  And, at times I’ve wanted to just hang it up.  It’s just tennis for goodness sake.  Who cares, why bother, just find another activity – these are the kind of self-defeating thoughts that can sometimes plague us.

But… I can also tell you from personal experience it’s times like these when the secret ingredient – if there is one – is to just keep on keepin on.  Don’t quit.  That amazing breakthrough is just around the bend, only you can’t see it clearly because you’re getting in your own way.

So take a deep breath and just commit to keep on playing… no matter what!  What’s going to happen is that if you make this commitment you’re going to reach a point where you stop fighting yourself.  Your mind will begin to settle, quiet down and become still.  And, at that moment, you will finally go out and just play.  In other words, get out of your own way.

Happy hitting!  You are on your way to great accomplishments you did not think were possible.

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