Are you ready to make giant leaps in your game?

You must check out BrainPower Tennis.  I know there are lots of great books out there, including many on my reading list.  But in my opinion Victor’s BrainPower Tennis ranks up at the top for ease of use and effectiveness.

From thirty years as a management consultant, Victor has developed a talent for simplifying how to learn the game of tennis.  Not only that, he started out just like any other average (or even worse) player.  He didn’t pick up a racket until the age of 50!  Then through perseverance, careful analysis, and a steady diet of regular practice, he became a teaching pro within five years.

His insights into how to learn the game are unique and highly effective in my experience.  Even better, they are not complicated and do not require any major changes to your routine.  Naturally, it goes without saying, the more frequently you play the more rapidly you will improve.  But that’s the same for learning anything new.

Victor’s emphasis is mainly on how to think about and approach the learning process.  The chapters and practice suggestions are laid out in a logical, step-by-step progression that almost guarantees noticeable improvement in your game as soon as you go out and apply them.

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