Make a tennis pledge

Try this.  Make a tennis pledge and recite it daily for 30 days in a row.  Guaranteed to make a difference in your tennis attitude, commitment and performance.

Here is a tennis pledge I developed over several months.  Customize it to make it your own.

I am committed to being the best tennis player I can be.  I pledge to:
Stay in the present because today is a gift;
Slow things down and enjoy my moment on court;
Set goals and hold myself accountable;
Practice the way I play;
Run and not grow weary;
Eat to play, not play to eat;
Play the ball, not my opponent;
Play only one point at a time;
Breathe for maximum relaxation;
Not play tentatively because what’s the point;
Appreciate my wins and cherish my losses because each helps me learn and grow;
Play with love in my heart because today you are my opponent but tomorrow you are my friend;
Honor and respect this game because it is a privilege to play;
Thank my coaches, teammates and loved ones because without them I would not be here.
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